Our adventurers

Our adventures are for school groups, Guides and Scouts, and for intrepid individuals wanting to join a like-minded group. Do let us know which one you applies to you.

Schools, Colleges and Universities

We create bespoke itineraries that support learning and enhance the personal development of school, college and university groups.

Your group will work together to develop a comprehensive Adventure Chronicle which fully documents its experiences from the start. The Adventure Chronicle allows each group member to take on several roles which will develop a wide range of vocational skills.

Guides and Scouts

We create adventures with guide and scout leaders allowing groups to make a positive change to the lives of others.

The philosophy behind a One World Adventure trip supports the motto, ‘Be prepared’. Guide and scout itineraries are tailor-made and can be arranged for groups aged 16 and up. Our adventures allow groups to make a real and valued difference to communities around the world. Your group will have clear objectives and will fundraise to support the adventure. Your group has the option to complete the Adventure Chronicle.

Intrepid Individuals

Not part of a group? Not a problem! We arrange set departures for adult individuals and friends to join adventures.

We run special set itineraries for individuals to join a group made of adventurous adults aged 18 and up. These adventures are fundamentally the same as any group itinerary. Individuals will have one weekend of training and workshops a couple of months before departure. This is a fantastic way for you to get involved in a worthwhile overseas adventure while meeting other like-minded travellers.