Sustainable development

All One World Adventures projects are sustainable and support responsible development. At no time do we put groups in an environment which may take away potential employment from the community, and in all cases there is a clear and lasting benefit to conservation and community.

Conservation and research

A One World Adventures conservation project takes your group behind the scenes of a national park or into the heart of a remote and rural settlement to work alongside scientists, wardens and research teams. Our projects make a direct contribution to the welfare and the study of threatened habitats and species. The variety of conservation projects available is vast and it is possible to meet a variety of objectives.


One World Adventures run community based enhancement projects which offer direct involvement with developing community facilities such as schools and playgrounds. Projects of this nature are extremely rewarding as groups will be welcomed into the community and have the opportunity to make a valued difference. Community projects have two-way benefits: you will learn as much about the community as they will be learn about you.

Many of the community projects One World Adventures use have come about from wildlife versus human conflicts. In these instances, the intention is to help build environments which are beneficial to both the humans and wildlife.

Responsible development

We have a clear focus on only participating in activities which benefit the world in which we live. For this reason we have the following clear policies on the type of adventure we will promote.

Care work and teaching projects

We do not offer teaching or care work placements and the reason is quite simple: it would take away employment from paid and qualified local individuals. In some locations it has been known for children to be bought from parents and sent to an orphanage which has been made to look deliberately squalid in order to get ‘donations’ from tourists.

Wildlife interactions

There are many opportunities for tourists to ‘interact’ with wild animals around the world and unfortunately very few of them offer any benefit to the animals – in fact most involve cruel practices to make the animals ‘tame’ enough to tolerate human interaction. In some cases, wild animals are deliberately taken and placed into sanctuaries so that they can be exploited for money.

We will only work with genuine operations and charities which are working to secure the future of wild animals and not exploit them. The projects we get involved with are hands on, and on occasions will involve interaction with animals, but this will be done is a controlled manner and only when necessary for the benefit of the animal involved.

Elephant rides

We wholly disagree with the use of elephants for elephant-back safaris and elephant rides. It is generally accepted now that captive elephants that are used for such experiences are poorly looked after, poorly treated and often taken from their mothers as youngsters. We do not condone this type of activity in any way.

Swimming with captive dolphins

One World Adventures will at no time arrange for a swim with captive dolphins. Captive breeding of dolphins is difficult and they have a shorter life-span. Many dolphins are taken from already threatened wild populations and endure isolation and depression when they are removed from their family pod, if they survive the ordeal of the capture and transit.

There are some opportunities to swim with wild dolphins and this can be done with operators who respect the rules which are in place to protect the dolphins.