Ensuring your safety and security

Your group’s safety on a One World Adventure trip is our top priority. We never send groups out to destinations which we have not personally visited ourselves. We constantly review our adventures and safety procedures. Every trip is assessed on return and we look closely at how we can enhance security, safety and improve the experience for everyone involved.

Risk assessments

We have procedures in place to minimise the possibility of a serious incident whilst away. We guarantee that all destinations and activities are thoroughly risk assessed before the adventure departs. When planning your itinerary, it is important that appropriate measures are put in to place to lower the risk associated with activities that are considered to be of a high risk. If we are unable to reduce the risk of an activity to within acceptable levels, we don’t do it.

Group training

Adventure safety training for participants is incorporated at every stage of the build up to the adventure. We ensure each group member is prepared for their adventure through a variety of information packs and workshops. All of the information packs we provide for the trip contain advice on subjects including health, safety and security.

Before the adventure departs, your group will meet their Adventure Leader who will conduct safety, security and problem solving workshops. Our Adventure Leaders are highly trained with relevant in-country experience.

Adventure Leaders

Your One World Adventure will be lead by a highly qualified and experienced Adventure Leader. The main objective for the Adventure Leader is to manage your group safety while away and ensure the adventure runs as planned. While away, your Adventure Leader will work with the group to ensure that the logistics and timings of the itinerary are met. All our Adventure Leaders have training in Wilderness First Aid and remote emergency management as well as being highly qualified in the activities relevant to the itinerary.

The Adventure Leader will meet the group a couple of months before departure at the Pre-Departure Meeting. This is a key stage for them to develop an understanding of the group needs, limitations and personal objectives. While we call them ‘leaders’, they are mentors and guides for our groups. In many cases, the group will lead itself, with the Adventure Leader there for guidance and encouragement.

If you are interested in becoming an Adventure Leader for us, get in touch – it would be great to hear from you!

Safety equipment

Every adventure leader is allocated a satellite phone, in some locations two. This allows contact between your group and One World Adventures should any problems occur while overseas. Further safety equipment will also be taken on the adventure as deemed necessary by the risk assessment.

Medical and first aid safety

All group members are required to provide a detailed medical history before departure so that One World Adventures can ensure that the itinerary is within the ability of all group members, and if not, adjust the itinerary to suit their capabilities. Every group has access to a comprehensive first aid kit which contains medications that can be prescribed by a local doctor or our duty doctor should the need arise.

Setting high standards: BS8848:2014

One World Adventures take adventure safety seriously. We ensure that we are compliant with the BS8848:2014 Specification for the provision of visits, fieldwork, expeditions and adventurous activities outside the UK. This is particularly important for the schools, scout and guide groups we work with who understand that BS8848:2014 is a comprehensive standard designed to ensure that expedition providers follow current safety advice, good practices and responsibilities involved with setting up expeditions.