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Refine and Renovate: Cultural Exchange in South Africa

A fully immersive experience in South Africa providing the opportunity to develop facilities within communities whilst engaging in cultural exchange.

  • Work with the local community to redevelop poorly maintained facilities to enhance education and recreation.
  • Research opportunities with the local community to develop lasting and beneficial school and recreational facilities.
  • Develop imaginative project ideas to enrich the learning environment for children in the local school.
  • Explore the options for cultural exchanges and lifestyle insights between your group and the community.

Experience a cultural exchange like no other with Zulu communities in South Africa. The villages lie in the east and are rich with the history of one of South Africa's most famous tribes.

Working with the community, groups will enhance educational and community facilities which are in need of repair. The project allows time for groups to meet the tribal spiritual healer and herbalist and develop an understanding of the importance of these traditional roles. Overnight, groups will be split into pairs to live with host families. Living without electricity and running water is normal, there is a great opportunity to share customs with hosts and gain a real insight into how the community live. 

For many to see the beauty and vibrancy of such a rich culture in a community with few possessions is a humbling experience which can redefine opinion and provide individuals with a new perspective on life.

4 to 5 days
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