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Reef Recovery: Help Create a New Reef in Malta

Assist conservation efforts with the creation of a reef and monitor the reef as a beneficial habitat for marine life.

  • Work with a local conservation project to help establish and research a new reef site.
  • Prepare specimens to transplant in new reef location and research how the area will benefit.
  • Scuba dive to build a reef system and ensure a lasting benefit to the environment.
  • Assist local researchers to monitor populations of key species as they inhabit the new reef.

The Mediterranean has been a food source for humans for many centuries, but in recent years it has suffered serious depletions in the natural supply of fish. Technology advances brought more efficient fishing practices and population growth has increased demand for fish, which in turn has had a negative effect on other marine life in the area.

To help restore the natural balance of fish, this project looks at helping to restore a designated area with a new reef system. Scuba divers will help to create a new reef by developing an area to transfer marine plants to. The work will be supported by continued research into the species uptake on the new reef to monitor the overall effectiveness of the site.

Groups will work as small teams under the direction of local conservationists and supported by dive instructors to remind them of safe diving practices whilst they complete the underwater work.

2 to 4 days
Project focus
Conservation, Marine biology
Fitness level
When to go
Mar to Nov
  • Must be a certified Open Water Diver
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