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Protecting Primates: Chimpanzee Conservation Research

Assist with chimpanzee conservation research whilst helping to restore key habitats and promote the protection of chimpanzees within the community.

  • Assist with developing educational outreach projects to inform the community about the problems chimpanzees face.
  • Work alongside chimpanzee researchers to collect data on key species within the conservation trail area.
  • Develop an understanding of the causes of human versus wildlife conflicts and explore sustainable solutions.
  • Help to plant trees in affected areas which have suffered deforestation due to human activity.

The equatorial country of Uganda has some spectacular mountains and lush forests. Chimpanzees can be found in a few locations, but populations have declined dramatically and are around a tenth of the size they were a century ago.

Chimpanzees are threatened both directly and indirectly by human activities. They are often hunted by poachers for bush meat or illegal animal trafficking, but they are also threatened by deforestation and depletion of natural resources within their natural habitats.

This project aims to protect chimpanzee populations by completing conservation into the behaviours and habitats of chimpanzees. This information is then used to help to restore deforested areas. Working with the community to help develop an understanding of the issues chimpanzees face is also key to protecting them. People will have been deforesting areas out of a need for their survival so working with the community to find sustainable alternatives to these activities is crucial.

4 to 6 days
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Conservation, Research
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