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Project of Hope: Supporting People with Leprosy

Enable people with leprosy in India to gain an education and develop their own employment opportunities whilst enhancing community facilities.

  • Work with people who have leprosy to assist them with their personal and vocational development.
  • Research opportunities with the local community to develop lasting and beneficial school and recreational facilities.
  • Develop imaginative project ideas to enrich the learning environment for children in the local school.
  • Explore the options for cultural exchanges and lifestyle insights between your group and the community.

Leprosy is a curable infection, but poor access to medical facilities and perceived social stigma can cause delay to people receiving treatment. People with leprosy often resort to begging as employment opportunities become closed to them.

The incredible project works with the Village of Hope in Delhi where many leprosy sufferers live and are working to rebuild their lives. This project is about enabling people who have been afflicted by leprosy to become involved with the community and give them the skills and education to develop their own employment opportunities. By providing educational facilities, social support, and the tools and opportunities to make a career for themselves, individuals can rebuild their lives.

Your group will work with members of the community to assist with tasks some of which they may not be able to complete themselves. This may involve helping to replace dressings, to building maintenance or developing enriched community facilities.

3 to 7 days
Project focus
Fitness level
When to go
Jul to Feb
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