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Jungle Rehab: Amazonian Regeneration

Help restore Amazonian rainforests and make a valued contribution to scientific research exploring the populations of animals and forest regeneration.

  • Assist Amazonian rainforest research during different phases of regeneration and wildlife populations in restored areas.
  • Learn techniques for animal tracking and data collection to monitor the biodiversity within different terrains.
  • Help to plant trees in affected areas which have suffered deforestation due to human activity.
  • Explore the options for cultural exchanges and lifestyle insights between your group and the community.

The Amazonian rainforests of Peru offer a spectacular opportunity for research and conservation. In an area which was previously deforested due to logging demands, this project focusses on the redevelopment, research and management of creating a rainforest which works with local communities to ensure sustainability.

On this project groups work alongside researchers and scientists on active studies which focus on regeneration of deforested areas and monitoring population regrowth in these areas. The tasks on the project are varied and will depend on the needs of the study at the time of the adventure, but can include monitoring the populations of a variety of animals in different rainforest zones. 

This adventure embraces the spirit of the rainforest and groups will learn practical tasks such as tracking, planting trees, placing camera traps and data collection techniques. As the projects help contribute to active and viable studies the focus of the projects will vary.

14+ days
Project focus
Conservation, Research
Fitness level
When to go
Year round
  • EFR (first aid) certification
  • Minimum age 17
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