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Crash and Leap: Rhino and Leopard Conservation

An incredible opportunity for hands-on work in small groups with experienced researchers on the Somkhanda Game Reserve in South Africa.

  • Develop conservation research skills to help to protect and conserve rhinos, leopards and other animals.
  • Set up camera traps in key areas and review collected data to monitor animal populations.
  • Learn how to track animals and collect animal spoors to identify key species dietary habits.
  • Assist rhino monitors with identification and health checks of rhino and observe interactions between individuals.

The KwaZulu Natal province of South Africa is famous for its biodiversity and spectacular scenery. Within the Somkhanda Reserve, the Crash and Leap project allows groups to actively contribute to real scientific research which will provide real benefits to conservation efforts in the area.

This hands on project focuses on the research and monitoring of rhino and leopard populations in the area. Here is an excellent opportunity to learn key research skills. Camera traps play a key role in collecting vital information about the migration of animals and their behaviours so groups will learn how to set these and collate the information captured. 

Another key research activity involved tracking animals, some of which have radio collars, and recording information on the size, health, gender and behaviours of specific animals. Collecting spoor specimens is a fantastic way to establish diet of animals, whilst browse availability surveys provide insight into preferred food sources.

9 days
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Conservation, Research
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