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Conservation Nation: Supporting a Sustainable India

A fantastic opportunity to help conserve and rehabilitate threatened habitats by working on developing sustainable solutions with the local community.

  • Work with communities to raise awareness of issues regarding natural resources depletion within national parks.
  • Develop an understanding of the causes of human versus wildlife conflicts and explore sustainable solutions.
  • Help to plant trees in affected areas which have suffered deforestation due to human activity.
  • Explore the options for cultural exchanges and lifestyle insights between your group and the community.

When people think about the delights of India, they often think about the rich culture within communities, and the incredible wildlife diversity. In reality, there are some significant issues faced by the growing human population, and the diminishing availability of natural resources.

In the area surrounding Bandhavgarh National Park, communities struggle to find the natural resources they need such as firewood, and are increasingly encroaching on to protected national parks. The depletion of these natural resources is not sustainable. Not only does this deprive wildlife of useable habitat, it increases the risk of human versus wildlife conflicts.

To help overcome this problem, your group will work with communities around Bandhavgarh to develop alternative solutions in providing resources which are not taking away precious habitat from animals. Your group will help to redevelop and enrich local facilities, and assist with outreach conservation programs to develop understanding about why the habitat is so important.

4 to 14 days
Project focus
Community, Conservation
Fitness level
When to go
Jul to Feb
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