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Chilli Elephants: Protect Pachyderms by Helping Humans

Protect elephants in Zambia by working with farming communities to construct chilli fences to prevent elephant raiding and human retaliation.

  • Work with farmers on the construction of chilli fences to deter elephants from destroying crops.
  • Develop an understanding of the causes of human versus wildlife conflicts and explore sustainable solutions.
  • Learn about the nature of elephant raiding and how communities suffer with depleted food supplies.
  • Explore the options for cultural exchanges and lifestyle insights between your group and the community.

Around half of the population are considered to be food insecure in Zambia due to changes in climate, which means the need to protect crop growth is about survival for the community. 

In a land where all animals need to search for their food, elephants have discovered that the crops of farmers are an easy meal and have taken to raiding these crops. In an effort to protect their crops from elephant attack, farmers set snares and kill the problem elephants. This is not sustainable.

Chilli is the surprise solution to this problem. Elephants can't stand the smell and will avoid it. This project assists local farmer to create Chilli Fences.  Smearing chilli combined with recycled used oil onto rope and fabric suspended around the crops creates an elephant deterrent. This allows the crops to grown unhindered by the elephants, and removes the need for farmers to retaliate against the elephants.

4 to 6 days
Project focus
Community, Conservation
Fitness level
When to go
Mar to Jul
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