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Bloody Bay Biology: Cayman Marine Research

Little Cayman is home to an important marine research centre which is continually improving our knowledge of the underwater world.

  • Assist PhD researchers with their marine studies in Little Caymans's Bloody Bay Wall Marine Reserve.
  • Scuba dive and learn a variety of research techniques through a highly regarded research station.
  • Understand problems which invasive species can cause in relation to marine biodiversity in the area.
  • Learn about species of sponge and discover why their presence is important to marine biodiversity.

The calm waters of the Caribbean are a haven for marine life, rich in biodiversity. The colourful sponges and coral which form the basis of local reefs are home to inhabitants such as cleaning wrasse, seahorses, grouper and grey reef sharks. But the wealth of life here is under threat from global warming, plastic pollution and invasive species. 

Working alongside local researchers, your group will get to dive on one of the most pristine areas of reef in the Caribbean, the Bloody Bay Wall. Here your group will study the behaviours and populations of fish, coral and sponges under the guidance of an experienced researcher.

The exact nature of the project will depend on the requirements of the centre at the time of your visit, but you will either be participating in ongoing projects such as invasive lionfish studies, or helping to gather data to assist PhD students with their research.

10 to 14 days
Project focus
Conservation, Research, Marine biology
Fitness level
When to go
Nov to Aug
  • PADI Open Water Scuba Diver or equivalent
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