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Costa Rican Corridors: Regenerating Rainforests

An incredible chance to get involved and restore biological corridors in the lush Costa Rican rainforests of the Osa Peninsula.

  • Learn about the important role biological corridors play in rainforest conservation and re-establishing forest links.
  • Assist with the restoration of tropical forests and understand the importance of creating biological corridors.
  • Promote community outreach projects to build awareness of local green issues and their global impact.
  • Assist research projects by collecting data and monitoring species populations and dispersal in reforested areas.

Costa Rica is known for having a huge diversity of spectacular wildlife as well as being a leader in the protection of its natural resources. The Rainforest Regeneration project takes place in the Osa Peninsula on the western coast of Costa Rica.

Rainforests form a network of animal territories, yet in some locations the forests have become isolated due to human development and resource depletion. This prevent creatures from completing their normal migration patterns and can become genetically isolated.

The Rainforest Corridor project allows your group to get hands on experience with the reforestation of biological corridors. Creating biological corridors is vital to allow movement between protected areas to help maintain the massive diversity of animals and plant life that can be found in Costa Rica. Tasks on the project are varied and range from planting young trees and vegetation to completing wildlife population surveys in areas which have previously been regenerated.

5+ days
Project focus
Conservation, Research
Fitness level
When to go
Year round
  • Minimum age is 16
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