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Aquatic Abundance: Indonesian Scuba Reef Fish Survey

Become fully immersed as an open water scuba diver and complete marine research in the stunning underwater world around Indonesia.

  • Become an advocate and role model for promoting the protection of the delicate underwater world.
  • Scuba dive to complete marine surveys and data collection to monitor fish and invertibrate populations.
  • Take positive action to protect the ocean by completing a marine debris clean up survey.
  • Learn about the threats to ocean habitats and how human activity can affect marine populations.

The ocean covers 70% of our planet, yet human activity on land can have a huge effect on our marine life. Threats to our underwater world are easy to overlook and ignore as most people don't get the opportunity to see what is below the ocean surface.

As a scuba diver you will get to see an incredible variety of life in one of the most diverse aquatic environments on the planet, but you will also learn how fragile this stunning underwater world is. Your training will help you become confident scuba divers so you will be able to make a valuable contribution to the project and become an ambassador of the ocean. 

The primary focus for the project is to assist experienced marine researchers with population and reef surveys to help monitor changes to marine diversity as a result of human activities such as land reclamation, overfishing, littering and pollution.

7 to 14 days
Project focus
Conservation, Marine biology
Fitness level
When to go
Year round
  • Must be able to swim 200 metres unaided, tread water for 10 minutes
  • Must complete a dive medical questionnaire
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