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Amazonian Audits: Advanced Rainforest Research

An incredible opportunity to complete University level case studies and research on the redevelopment of Amazonian rainforests and sustainable projects.

  • To conduct environmental research in support of academic studies as outlined by the University syllabus.
  • Learn techniques for animal tracking and data collection to monitor the biodiversity within different terrains.
  • Help to plant trees in affected areas which have suffered deforestation due to human activity.
  • Assist Amazonian rainforest research during different phases of regeneration and wildlife populations in restored areas.

The nature of the project site in Peru allows for research over multiple rainforest zones due to the staged regeneration of the rainforest. This option is for university level studies only, and the exact nature and objective of the project is one which will be decided by the university group leader and must directly support academic studies and research.

All groups can benefit from learning field based skills and research techniques whilst in the field. The project duration must last for a minimum of three weeks to ensure that the research completed is viable. Extended and repeating adventures are available.

This option is only available for university study groups who will be responsible for setting their own objectives. The project must be completed in full during your adventure and must not disrupt the research and sustainability of other projects in the area. The group must be led by their own academic leader.

21+ days
Project focus
Conservation, Research
Fitness level
When to go
Year round
  • EFR (first aid) certification
  • Must be working on a relevant BSc degree or above
  • Minimum age 18
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