Supporting personal development

All our adventures follow our philosophy of Travel, Experience, Conserve. We build your adventure around our philosophy and your group’s needs.

Bespoke itineraries

Your dedicated One World Adventures staff member will work closely with your Group Coordinator to establish key components of your itinerary. Our itineraries and destinations are fully flexible and can be tailored to meet the requirements of the groups to maximise their experience and learning. It is possible for an itinerary to include several projects as well as additional activities. The ultimate aim for every group is to provide a life-changing experience with clear benefits to the project.

Learning objectives

At One World Adventures we aim for every individual who takes part in an adventure to gain a real sense of achievement and purpose. All One World Adventures itineraries have clear learning objectives to ensure that each participant’s experience proves to be worthwhile and fulfilling. Key objectives include:

  • Learn about the history, culture and environment of the destination
  • Understand the lives and needs of rural communities
  • Increase awareness of difficulties and importance of conserving wildlife and habitat
  • Understand the practicalities associated with overseas travel
  • Learn new skills in collaborating with others to successfully achieve a goal

In addition to these primary objectives, your group can set additional objectives relevant to your itinerary. Further learning objectives can be achieved by group participation in the Adventure Chronicle.

Students on a One World Adventures trip can also earn up to 70 UCAS points as part of the ASDAN Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE) and completion of the ASDAN Universities Award.

Adventure Chronicle

The primary goal of the Adventure Chronicle is for your group to work together to complete a comprehensive record of your adventure and your achievements. This is a collaborative work – group members should not create individual chronicles, but one cohesive group Adventure Chronicle which documents your whole journey of development.

Your Adventure Chronicle is designed to build vocational skills from the start of fundraising, until after you return from your adventure. There are many different roles which you can choose to undertake. Each role offers opportunities for personal development and has its own primary objective which is to be achieved through teamwork. The chronicle encourages group participation and is designed to utilise skills group members may already know, as well as providing an excellent opportunity to learn and develop new skills.

Workshops and Adventure Packs

One World Adventures support your group throughout the build up of your adventure with comprehensive information detailing the preparations group members need to make. This information is spread over three Adventure Packs which are distributed at timely intervals.

The information in these packs is further reinforced by three workshops.

  1. The Launch Meeting takes place after the itinerary has been prepared with your group coordinator. Your group and their families will be introduced to the itinerary and what you can expect to achieve on your adventure. It also looks at your options for developing the Adventure Chronicle.
  2. The Adventure Workshop focuses on health, hygiene and water. It provides your group with key information and skills in preparation for your adventure and also reviews your personal kit list.
  3. The final Pre-Departure Workshop has a strong focus on safety and security while away. During this workshop, most groups meet their leaders and participate in a variety of tasks designed to help adventure preparations.


A big part of your adventure preparation is raising the funds. This is a fantastic opportunity to work as a team on developing a variety of fundraising ideas.

All group members are encouraged to participate in fundraising activities to raise the money needed for your adventure. You will have a set fundraising target to cover all your adventure costs. Once you have hit this target, keep going!

100% of additional funds raised will be used to further enhance the conservation and communities projects in your itinerary.

To support your fundraising, you will receive a fundraising pack after you have signed up for your adventure. This pack contains lots of ideas to get your fundraising started. There will be approximately 18 months from the point of signing up through to the adventure which allows plenty of time to raise funds for your trip.

The Waterhole

The Waterhole is a pool of all the information you need for the adventure, including:

  • Itinerary
  • Adventure packs
  • Risk assessments
  • Leader information
  • Kit lists
  • Adventure Chronicle information

Information will be uploaded at relevant times and you will be notified when new information is available. Your group will be granted access to the Waterhole via a login which is also available for parents (of participants under 18 years of age), and leadership team members of the group.

We encourage everyone with access to the Waterhole to be conscious of the environment and avoid printing off documents where possible.