Your journey

Your journey starts after the bespoke planning of your itinerary and objectives with your Group Coordinator. It is the combination of your group’s preparations and personal development during their build-up, and is supported by the professional adventure expertise we provide. This is unified in a clear process which enables groups to maximise their development potential.

When planning your adventure, we want to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that group members are thoroughly prepared for the experience. There is a lot to plan and organise, so the lead time for adventures is normally around 18 months. See below for the approximate timing of key events in your adventure preparation.

A typical timeline

Months until departure Milestone Activity
18 months to go Launch Meeting
  • This meeting is the introduction to the adventure and looks at the itinerary and the build-up process in detail.
  • When group members sign up they will receive a login to the Waterhole.
  • The itinerary and Adventure Pack 1: Project Preparations can be found in the Waterhole.
Adventure Pack 1: Project Preparations
  • This Adventure Pack contains key information relevant to your adventure and projects.
Adventure Chronicle and Fundraising
6-10 months to go Adventure Pack 2: Adventure Preparations
  • This second information pack focuses on projects, health, hygiene and water awareness.
Kit List
  • Your kit list will be provided at the same time as Adventure Pack 2.
Adventure Workshop
  • This workshop mirrors the information provided in Adventure Pack 2.
  • You will also review the kit list for your adventure.
2-4 months to go Adventure Pack 3: Pre-Departure Preparations
  • This final pack provides information on your safety and security while away.
Pre-Departure Workshop
  • This workshop mirrors Adventure Pack 3, focuses on group safety and security, and goes through the itinerary.
  • The group will meet their leader who will run most of the workshop.
Go! Your Adventure

Planning your itinerary

Your tailor-made itinerary

We work closely with your group coordinator to identify the best locations, projects and itinerary options to meet your group’s requirements.

The right focus on learning

Adventure objectives can be tailored for your group. We believe in continuous personal development and provide support to maximise learning experiences.

Sustainable development

Our projects make a direct contribution to the study and preservation of threatened habitats and species, and to the welfare of the communities that live with them.

Adventure preparation

Your Adventure Chronicle

We recognise the potential for vocational skills development and encourage groups to collaborate on the creation of a chronicle of their adventure.

Interactive workshops

Our interactive workshops assist group members with their adventure preparations in an environment which encourages team bonding and spirit.

Expertise you can count on

Ensuring your safety

Our priority is your safety. All activities and destinations are thoroughly risk assessed and groups have a leader and 24-hour back-up while overseas.

Our adventure leaders

We hand pick leaders experienced in running high quality overseas adventures, and with leadership qualifications relevant to your adventure activities.

Exemplary support

We support adventure preparations of all group members and the group coordinator through comprehensive workshops and adventure guides.